SyFy’s 12 Monkeys TV Show Doesn’t Disappoint

Surprisingly fun and suspenseful, Syfy’s newest tv show 12 Monkeys is worth your time. It’s the year 2043 and the world’s population has dwindled to few survivors, and those who have survive fight to stay that way. Scientist from the future discover a way to send someone back into the past to change the future. Terminator meets Walking Dead, but the only things in common are it’s a good show, apocalyptic disorder and time travel.

Even if you have seen the film there’s enough differences that you will appreciate each medium. Don’t worry if you missed the first episode, “Splinter” which you can watch online on SyFy. I might not have given the best pitch for 12 Monkeys, maybe Amanda Schull can convince you…

Have you seen 12 Monkeys? Let us know what you think?


12 Monkeys SyFy Show Doesn't Dissapoint

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