Tainted Meat In a Bloody Showdown on The Walking Dead

Four Walls and a Roof, TV Recap Episode 503 of The Walking Dead

Episode three, ‘Four Walls and a Roof’ of The Walking Dead continues to satisfy. Like we do, here’s our top five favorite moments and a some predictions from the damn good cliff hanger!

Bob’s Final Words
‘Four Walls and a Roof’ begins where episode two left off, Gareth spewing his elitist ideology to Bob while eating his leg. Bob begins to cry that quickly turns into a hysterical wicked laugh, he reveals that he was indeed bitten during the food bank raid. Bob shrieks to all the Terminians, “TAINTED MEAT! TAINTED MEAT!” I think all Walking Dead fan’s screamed to the television, “I knew it!” There’s some satisfaction to this moment, though the realization that Bob would probably be dead soon sobered the mood quickly.

Were you sad to see Bob go?

Final Showdown With Terminians
Obviously the Termines have no more use for Bob, and they drop him off at the church’s footsteps. Rick now has a renewed vengeance to eliminate the Terminians, however Abraham wants to head to Washington to keep Eugene safe. They scuffle, almost turning into blows until Glenn breaks it up.

Rick asks Abraham to stick around for half a day to help fight the threat. Abe will stay only if Glenn, Maggie and Tara will go with Abraham to D.C. Everyone agrees! WHAT? (More on this later).

Rick and his best lynch men decide to surprise the Terminians on their own turf in the middle of the night and head out into the woods. In what I would call one of the greatest shots of the Walking Dead, for building suspense, the camera pans over to the church sign and stays there for what seems like an eternity. The Terminians creep out of the woods after Rick and company have passed. Gareth and his surviving cannibals break into the church.

Gareth speaks to those remaining inside and tells them they are out numbered and out gunned. Probably knowing that Father Gabriel was their weakest link he calls out to him, and tells him their quarrel is not with him or baby Judith. If he would only reveals where he is, they would let him go. This was a great scene, because we had just learned that Father Gabriel’s biggest sin was being a coward. Not letting his parishioners inside the church once the world turned upside down. Would he scream out to Gareth and give up our Grimes crew? {Aside: Do you think this is Father Gabriel’s only sin? I think he is hiding more!}

Luckily, Rick is the bigger mastermind here and surprises the Terminians and forces them to drop their weapons. Sasha, Abraham, Michonne and Rick swarm the unarmed cannibals. Gareth begins to beg for his life, and promises to never see each other again. Rick decides to keep his promise instead, he begins hacking away with his red handled machete. While the others do the same with their guns. Only problem – Glenn, Maggie, Tara and Tyreese watch in horror. I was confused by the reactions of Glenn and Maggie, him of all people knowing what Gareth and his people were. Glenn was so close to getting his neck severed just a couple of days prior to this. Did he think Rick was going to far?

Group Dynamics
After the bloody showdown Glenn, Maggie and Tara join Abraham on his mission to D.C.. Why do you think that Abraham wanted to continue after the threat was eliminated? Haven’t they learned that a larger group is safer then separating? I thought the camera shot of the map to D.C. was so smart, because it shows us just how much danger our group is going to have to face to get there. Though it would be better if they did it together but, this is the Walking Dead we’re talking about, and nothing is easy in the apocalypse!

Who will die next on #TWD? Prediction death list

Our prediction death list of what order characters may go!

Do you think Rick’s savagery against the Terminians made it easier for Glenn and Maggie to leave Rick? Didn’t Glenn just say in the last episode they wouldn’t separate?

And, is anyone wondering why Maggie has not made a bigger deal about Beth and wanting to find her? What about Daryl and Carol, why didn’t they want to know why they left?

Our group is separated again, who will survive and who will die this season? Do you have a prediction death list?

Daryl Comes Out Of The Forest
Michonne is sitting outside the church when she hears a rustling in the woods. (By the way she’s got her Katana back!) Ready to strike, Daryl pops out with quite a look that can only be described as stressed, he says, “Come on out!” I don’t think it’s Carol or Beth behind those trees. If one of the two women is there, I would assume they are being held by some unknown person. Daryl looks way too tense for it to be a good person or someone he knows. Who do you think is with Daryl? Well played Walking Dead!

To get more predictions about the cliff hanger check out Entertainment Weekly’s: “Who is that hiding in the woods with Daryl?” There’s light spoilers unless you’ve kept up with the Walking Dead’s news before the season began, then it’s safe.

Until Next Week! I leave you with Carl Poppa, I can’t seem to get enough. You’re welcome!


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  1. This write-up of the WD is awesome!! I love the review of the show!! I am also wondering all the same questions you are. Why Maggie and Glen looked so surprised after Rick hacked the terminus guy… That guy needed to go! Lighten up Maggie and Glen! AND why Maggie isn’t concerned about her sister and whereabouts. What’s the deal?!?! We (hubby and I) still have not seen who comes out of the bushes with Daryl. We will find out tonight 🙂 Thanks for the nicely written synopsis. It’s great! And by the way… I LOVE that Carl video!
    Bahahaha! 😀

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