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Best Moments of The Walking Dead’s Remember Episode

Andrew Lincoln’s baby blues were on full display in Sunday night’s Remember episode. Yes, Rick got a hold of scissors and a razor to reveal a clean shaven face again. Remember was full of physical transformations, and well what, Carol in a sweater!?

Let’s go down the rabbit hole and discuss.

Rick’s Facial Hair and Carol’s Sweater

We had to say goodbye to a ‘hairy’ situation on Sunday night, yup Rick’s facial hair is now in Norman Reedus’ refrigerator [Talking Dead].

Wow, did Rick’s eyes pop. Not only did he catch our attention again, but maybe the eye of a new character named Jessie. She may be in great need of rescuing from her creepy late-night-smoking husband, but we’ll get to that a bit later.

Who knew haircuts, showers and fresh running water would create a division among the Grimes Group? Rick sheds a tear during his haircut, Daryl refuses to clean up or acclimate, and Carol looks like she just popped out of a Stepford Wives sweater catalog ready for the next Junior League meeting!

Anyone else find themselves smiling back at Carol with all her intricacies of fumbling the big o’ gun, to saying she missed Ed? The question is would this lethal group give the biggest gun to a shy, ‘den mother’ as she called herself, woman? I’m not sure Carol’s acting will fool Deanna. She did say she was a poker player, that could read people from a mile away.

With that said, I hope Deanna falls for Carol’s acting scheme.

Alexandria the Science Project

The group has arrived to a slightly deserted and weirdly occupied Alexandria. No one is really outside their homes, the streets are incredibly empty and from what I could see, grandparents and creepy husbands are the only people who hang out on porches. Morbidly, Alexandria reminds me a bit of The Truman Show, if this was some kind of experiment I would think it would look a lot like this.

Deanna’s ‘therapy’ interviews ask that Rick and his people help Alexandria’s community survive. I don’t believe Deanna when she said the community has never taken in a group until now. When Aaron approached the group he said, “Every time I have done this (taking people back to Alexandria) I’ve been the one driving back.” Meaning, their’s been others.

Then their’s the two loose cannons inside the walls of Alexandria, though the immediate threat is Aiden the douchebag who’s Deanna’s son. For some reason I don’t see this guy going down quietly. I hope his stupidity does not end up killing one of our beloved characters. But, as for Jessie’s husband he reminds me of Ed, Carol’s abusive dead husband. Which is kind of ironic that Carol brings him up in this episode as well. Do you agree with me?

What did you think of Alexandria?


DeannaTWDThough I distrust Deanna, what would be her end game? She has a bunch of weak people surviving inside the walls of Alexandria definitely not understanding how the new world is functioning, cough cough Aiden. I find it strange that she would so willingly give power to someone she hardly knows, even with Rick’s warnings.

On the other hand, she wouldn’t know any better? She may hear the stories of the Termites, Claimers or the Governor, but could you really know until you actually witnessed it?

It doesn’t matter because the best lines spoken out of Rick’s mouth finish the episode, “If they can’t make it. Then we’ll just take this place.” Is Rick and the gang now the bad people? Discuss below!

Best Quotes From Remember, Episode 512

“Its a good thing we’re here.” – Rick
“I’m a real people person” – Carol
“You look ridiculous.” – Daryl
“We were almost out there too long” – Glenn
“They are weak. I don’t want us to get weak too.” – Carl

Other Tidbits:

  • Deanna hasn’t found jobs for Sasha or Daryl, our two most broken characters. Again, my mind goes to Alexandria is some kind of science project.
  • Will Daryl continue to push the group away? Will he leave them?
  • Who took Rick’s gun? Someone obviously planted that walker under the blankets and debris. My guess is one of the men Deanna banished from Alexandria.
  • Rick in uniform again. Mic drop, it’s over!

I leave you with a few clips: Inside The Remember Episode, Talking Dead Bonus Scene, and a sneak peak of next week’s The Walking Dead.




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