The Waiting For Game of Thrones Sucks

Game of Thrones Oberyn vs the Mountain

Doesn’t this week feel like it’s just not moving fast enough?

It probably has something to do with our lack of Game of Thrones fix! So, lets make the wait go by faster and discuss some theories, shall we? (If you haven’t seen Mockingbird, season 4 episode 8 then stop reading.)

Sansa and Petyr

Looks like Littlefinger will have to weasel himself out of being suspect number one in Lysa’s murder this week. It also seems that Sansa will play a major role in helping Petyr get out of the situation from the sneak peek of, “The Mountain and The Viper”. Sansa will probably feel obligated to help him escape certain perish since Lysa’s death did help protect her. As I mentioned last week I wonder if Sansa picked up on Lysa’s confessions before her moon door exit? Maybe we’ll even get a more grown up Sansa in the next couple of episodes, and she’ll do some of her own scheming. As creepy as Petyr is, Sansa is probably in the best hands for survival. What do you think of this pairing for now?

Arya and The Hound

Will The Hound finally deliver Arya to the Eyrie for a sisterly Stark reunion? I know, I’m probably dreaming this up prematurely. But I think we may have some more Arya revenge this week, or at least I hope so. Since they are in the Riverlands, maybe at the end of Arya’s Needle sword will be a Frey! Oh wouldn’t that be nice?

The Mountain and The Red Viper

Yes, this is what we’ve been anticipating since Oberyn named himself Tyrion’s champion! The wait has definitely been pretty rough, but it’s almost over. The match up between Oberyn and The Mountain should be an excellent piece of TV. But what do we really know about Oberyn? The show has given us some crumbles of Oberyn’s past while speaking with Tyrion at the brothel, Cersie in the gardens, and Tywin at the council meeting before Tyrion’s trial. But what did we really learn? An article was posted this past week on the Huffington Post titled, “7 Things You Need To Know About The Deadliest Character In ‘Game of Thrones,’” which gives us just a little more depth into Oberyn, and why he is a great match for The Mountain. The article didn’t have any spoilers that I noticed from a non-book readers point of view, I just appreciated the insight into the character that Pedro Pascal is so elegantly playing.

Here’s a little summary:

1. His father entered Oberyn into tournaments, duels and battles around Westros since he was 16 years old

2. He’s traveled the Free Cities, where he learned the art of poisons. Here is where he received his nickname, the Red Viper, for defeating a worthy opponent. They both left with wounds but the opponent succumbed to his festering wounds and rumors of poison on his sword began to swarm, hence the nickname.

3. He’s fought and trained with the Second Sons, now led by Daario Naharis

4. His weapon of choice is an eight foot spear, with a steel wicked spike

5. He hates Lannister’s and will seek revenge any way he can for his sisters murder

Fun Game of Thrones Videos Released This Week

I leave you with the two fun videos. The first is a great musical mash up of The Hobbit, Game of Thrones and Dark Knight. This violinist is pretty damn amazing. I warn you though, you might start having Red Wedding flash backs at the beginning!

The second video is of Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogan talking Game of Thrones. This one made me laugh just by the way Snopp Dogg says Petyr! Hope it makes you chuckle as well.

What have you been doing to make the extra week go by faster?

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