The Walking Dead Forget: Cocktail Party, Applesauce Cookies and Buttons

The Walking Dead Forget Episode 513

The Walking Dead: Forget, Memorable Moments

I think some of our Grimes members are forgetting how to live. Glimpses of the old Rick peek through every once and while, Sasha is not coping with her new surroundings, Carol has truly gone spooky cruel on some kid that will probably never sleep again, and all in the weirdest most normal setting – a cocktail party. Did I mention we are talking about The Walking Dead? So, without further ado let’s dive into our favorite memorable moments of Forget, Episode 513.


Rick and Michonne continue their talk as to why Deanna has given them the power to protect the citizens of Alexandria. Rick still believes there’s an angle here, while Michonne seems to have bought full heartedly that Alexandria is truly a sanctuary. Notice that the ‘outside’ meeting started with Rick, Carol and Daryl, but by the end it’s really just Rick and Carol on the same page. Which makes sense, since both these characters are representing the new threat inside the walls of Alexandria.

Rick, makes a few conscious decisions that as an audience we aren’t sure where his character is headed. Following in the footsteps of Walter White, he chose to take the extra gun Carol stole from the gun shed, and he chose to kiss Jessie on the cheek, knowing far well that her husband was close by. Is he baiting the people of Alexandria to challenge him so he can have a reason to fire his gun?

When Sam, Jessie’s youngest son, stamps Rick on the hand with an ‘A’ you see his guard come down for a split second before his smile turned into a frown. Rick has become his own worst enemy. I love how we can see his internal struggle, as if he knows he is falling and is still choosing to go down that rabbit hole.

(Aside: There’s a lot of talk of rabbits since they got to Alexandria, don’t you think? End of aside)

Where is Rick headed? The last final moments of Forget, we get a menacing Rick reaching for his gun, though he doesn’t point it at Pete or Jessie his intention was there. Did anyone else shudder when Rick smiled as he heard the Walker on the other side of the wall? It reminded me a little of Jack Nicholson in The Shinning! Seemed so sinister! Your thoughts?

Carol Is No Den Mother

So, Carol might have just scared the bejesus out of poor little Sam when he caught her in the gun shed. But, couldn’t she just have said she was getting chocolate to bake him and everyone at the party more cookies. I am so surprised that she wouldn’t continue her act of ‘Den Mother’ here.

Though at this point, we know if Carol is on a mission, she will do anything even become a cruel brute to get it done. I think this will bite her and the group in the ass sooner then later.

Bromance In The Apocalypse

While the weirdest party in The Walking Dead is happening, Daryl finds himself contemplating whether he’ll go inside. Hiding behind a tree he decides it’s just not his thing, but is stopped by a spying Aaron. He asks Daryl if he’ll join Eric and him, “for some serious spaghetti.”

The Walking Dead has done a great job and making Aaron a good character, someone that we can believe in. So, when he reaches out and actually gets Daryl to drop his defenses, I finally believe he is good.

Will Daryl’s new job further separate him from the group? The Grimes group is finally together, but never have been this far apart. At some point there will be a moral explosion where people will have to pick sides. Do you see Daryl standing up to Rick?

Best Lines From Forget

“They’re the luckiest damn people I’ve ever met, and they just keep getting luckier.” – Rick
“How’s that” – Daryl
“We’re here now.” -Rick
“You know what’s great about this place? I get to be invisible again” – Carol
“I’m not so sure about this.” – Abraham
“But they have beer.” – Rosita
“I’m gonna try” – Abraham

Other Tidbits

  • Some of the scenes were very menacing and others filled with pure, honest laugh out loud moments, mostly those had Abraham in them!
  • Do you think Deanna and Aaron know about the W’s being carved into the Walkers? Is that why they wanted an outside group to help protect them?
  • Sasha is suffering big time from PTSD, and surprised that Rick and Carol haven’t invited her to the ‘kill them all’ club house. I mean wouldn’t she be a better ally at this point then Daryl? Sasha definitely doesn’t trust anyone in Alexandria.
  • I shed a few tears for beautiful Buttons. Could Buttons represent the Grimes Group? Alexandria is trying to help something that has become wild by offering it protection. But we saw that it ended horribly wrong. Oh I so hope not…
  •  Lastly, what was that #RickandJessie sexy cheek kiss?

Share your comments below! I leave you with a sneak peak of The Walking Dead: Spend Episode 514, and behind the scenes of Forget, Episode 513.


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