The Walking Dead Mission: Drinking During the Apocalypse


The Walking Dead episode starts with a shot of a full moon and slowly pans down to a dead walker next to a broken down car with thunder in the background. The episode’s mood is set early, we’re going to be in for a treat!

Daryl and Beth jump out of the woods looking quite disheveled and panicked. They crawl into the trunk of an abandoned car. We shortly discover, that a large herd of walkers were right behind them.

For the first ten minutes of the episode the dialogue is kept to a minimum where the actors, very convincingly I may add, show us their emotional state. The close up of Daryl and Beth’s eyes as they are silently hiding in the trunk of the car was brilliant. It reminded me of an old school horror flick. It was acted with perfect emotion, and yet all we see is their eyes.

This entire episode follows only Daryl and Beth, a new experiment for the show. Beth’s character has been a tough one to understand since her introduction. When we first meet Beth we got a depressed teenager that suddenly cuts her wrists, because the world is too much for her to endure. Even in Season 3, her character didn’t add much to the Walking Dead World. Her character development went no further than having her sing occasionally and become the caregiver of a baby. But even those scenes never felt natural to me, until Sunday’s episode. Brilliant idea to pair Beth with Daryl, who is The Walking Dead’s most beloved character. The episode centers on Beth’s mission: finding a way to live by drinking her first drink ever.

I very much enjoyed the chemistry between the two actors. I know this was a bit controversial for some, but for me whether they hook up, which I kinda in some twisted way hope they do, I just enjoyed the breakthrough of each character.

Towards the end of the episode you see their progression of seeing each other for who they are becoming, and maybe, just maybe they could survive together. I bought into their chemistry, because when the shit has hits the fan, age won’t matter.

Lastly, we finally get an answer to Daryl’s mysterious past…and sadly it was worse then we all thought. He was not a prison guard, nor a motorcycle mechanic, he was simply a nomad that was constantly influenced and kicked around by Merle. With Beth’s help, Daryl ‘burns’ down his past and walks towards a new beginning. In Beth’s words he’ll be the last man standing. Another foreshadowing? Well, I know for me, I do hope so.

twd-s04e12-meme-2Favorite Episode 12 Beth Quotes:
Enjoy your snake jerky!”

All I wanted to do was lay down and cry, but we don’t get to do that”

Bad moonshine can make you go blind”

Yes, Mr. Dixon” (This line reminded me of, “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me”)

“You are going to miss me so bad when I am gone Daryl Dixon,” so damn cute!

What did they mean?

I found a couple of things interesting about the episode that made me wonder if they’ll play a bigger part in later episodes. Here’s a few questionable points the show zoomed on:

1. When Beth walks away from Daryl in the beginning of the episode she throws a rock to throw off the walkers in the forest. However, one of the walkers continues to walk towards her even as the rest of the herd walked in the direction of the noise. My question here is, the walker suddenly looked around and realized he was alone and started walking towards the other walkers. Are they migrating together? Is there a sense that they hunt in packs like in the movie Warm Bodies? I found that scene to be confusing. What did you think? Are they developing some social skill?

2. Why focus on The Capital Washington D.C spoon Beth picks up? Is this foreshadowing Beth and Daryl may run into Glen and Abraham Ford’s crew?

Have any ‘what did they mean’ moments in Sunday’s episode? What did you think overall? Love to hear from you. So, share your comments below!

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