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(Non Book Reader Review), The Wars to Come Episode Breakdown

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Sunday felt a little like Christmas morning with Game of Thrones season 5 premiere, and of course the continuation of Mad Men’s final season. Though our viewing party had fans of both shows, I understand that they are from two completely geeky worlds – but it made for a great party filled of wine and bourbon (I think we should have rethought that one through!). Lets get on with our highly anticipated Game of Thrones premiere, The Wars to Come and breakdown our favorite three moments.

Cersei’s Doom

Our first flashback scene ever on Game of Thrones, staring the original Mean Girl, Cersei and her gullible friend Malera, are off to see about a witch. They enter a shaggy hut with Maggy the Frog, sitting at her thrown, Cersei demands to hear her future. With a little prick of a finger Maggie tells her she will be queen, but another, younger, more beautiful will take her place. The King will have 20 children, (I might add, all but one is still alive), but Cersei will only have three, which she will see all die. Maggie laughs and goes to present day Cersei.

Great opening! Now we understands why Cersei is overly cray about her children and spitting daggers at Margaery Tyrell at every sighting. But, wonder if it could also be Danaery’s who Maggy meant? Interesting!

I am curious what will be Cersei’s fate this season. Seems that she’ll have to take care of another family member as well! Her cousin, Lancel Lannister, whom we haven’t seen for a while, has converted to a religious cult of sorts called the Sparrows. Lancel’s new found religion has him repenting for his sins of sleeping with Cersei and drugging King Robert, which did lead to his death. How will this play out for her? I think it’s going to be a big season for Cersei.


In Meereen, the giant winged Harpy statue is being pulled down – glad to see it was Dany who ordered it down, and not some war against her…or is it? Seems that Dany is losing more control over Meereen with a silent revolution among the Sons of the Harpy wanting to take back their city.

As in Game of Thrones fashion, a comforting scene quickly goes menacing as a masked intruder kills one of Dany’s Unsullied soldiers in the arms of a prostitute.

Did anyone think it was Grey Worm at first? I thought they might have changed the actor, though a sad ending for this Unsullied, I was glad it was not Grey Worm who died.

I’ll continue my Missandei and Grey Worm shipping now, which is perfect since Missandrei seeks out answers by asking Grey Worm if he knows why an Unsullied would visit a brothel. He responds by telling her he doesn’t know why. There was so much more here. I wonder if he didn’t want to seem weaker to her, as the wanting of comfort would only make him less desirable to her. Which I say, no Grey Worm find your comfort in Missandei, anyone else agree?

In any case, Dany orders for White Rat to be buried with honor in the Temple of the Graces, which will only make the Sons of the Harpy angrier, in hopes they’ll come out from under their masks so she can strike them down.

But, the real question is who is Dany if she is no longer the ‘Mother of Dragons’? Daenery visits her chained up dragons underneath the city, well let’s just say they are not too happy to see her. The dragons lunge towards her breathing fire and snapping. Can she regain control of her fiery children?

Jon Snow

I leave the most complicated for last. Stannis is ready to march on to take over the North now that Tywin is dead and his allies will be weakened. Stannis tells Jon they’ll go after Roose Bolton, who killed Rob Stark and was rewarded with Winterfell by the Lannisters. This all sounds good to Jon, but he’ll have to get Mance Rayder to kneel and swear an oath to King Stannis, which is no easy feat, hence Jon asking how much time he had.

Mance of course refuses. Jon Snow is now in a tough situation, since he understands Mance’s refusal to kneel. He was able to gather all the “Free Folk” as one army, because Mance swore to them he would not ever bow to a southern king. His punishment – burned alive while Melisandre and her Lord of Light followers watching in satisfaction.

Jon, decides to give Mance some mercy by shooting an arrow through his heart before the fire consumes him. How will Stannis, or really Melisandre take this betrayal? Will Jon Snow have no place with the Night’s Watch or Stannis’ army? He has people not too happy with him from each party.

Inside Episode 1, The Wars to Come:

Well, what did you think of the first episode back? Hope we get to see Arya in the next episode. Until then my Westrosians!


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