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The Wolves Arrive in JSS

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The Walking Dead wasted no time bringing mayhem to Sunday’s episode.  Describing JSS as brutal just doesn’t cut it.  The Walking Dead went straight into beast mode after thinking it was going to be a slow burn episode.

Let’s breakdown our favorite moments and theories.


The JSS episode starts with a flashback of Enid with her parents on an abandoned dirt road.  Enid is the look out and warns her parents that Walkers are coming, and before you know it…no more parents.  Just like the people in Alexandria they seemed ill prepared for the new world.  Enid writes out JSS on a bloody car window. The sole survivor of her family.

It seems like weeks go by and Enid continues to survive, avoiding walkers and eating cute tortoises!  She’s beginning to look a lot like a Walker herself – when she stumbles upon Alexandria. She almost turns away from the compound, but decides to go inside instead.

Just Survive Somehow.


Carol continues her Suzy Homemaker routine while getting supplies for her latest casserole.  She even makes her back-handed comment to Shelly about smoking sound like a helping hand.

Back at the house, Carol puts her casserole in the oven and notices Shelly smoking outside.  With a smirk on her face and feeling like a powerful influencer, BOOM! a crazy maniac with a machete hacks poor Shelly up.

The shit has officially hit the fan.

Looks like the Wolves have penetrated Alexandria from all sides.  Loads of Alexandrian’s are being slaughtered in horrific fashion.  This was probably one of the most gruesome episodes of The Walking Dead ever.  Simply put the Wolves are derange mass murders.

Carol goes full Assassin’s Creed, disguising herself as one of the Wolves, saving Morgan at one point, to get close enough to shoot them. Even after all the butchery around Morgan he tells Carol that they don’t have to kill them.  Her response, “Of course we do!”

Now it’s the Morgan vs. Carol vs. the Wolves showdown folks. Morgan feels that each life is precious, but can you change people who have gone completely mad? Carol on the other hand, is just a pure killing machine taking no prisoners.

Who is right? Actually, the better question, who is more likely to get innocent people killed?

The Wolves

I’m probably not stepping out on limb here, by saying that the Wolves are one, completely unhinged. Two, probably a cult of some kind, and three, way too far gone to be saved.

Somehow that gun taken by the leader of the Wolves, is going to haunt Morgan and the group in a future episode.

Is Enid A Mole?

Could Enid be a Wolf? Some of the things she does inside Alexandria during the attack raised huge giant red flags. I had my suspensions about her last season when she kept going outside the walls. And, I had forgotten about them until she walked into Carl’s house with every key to Alexandria! How did she get them? Did she open the front gate for the Wolves?

She seemed completely unfazed by the brutal attacks going on outside, as if she had seen it before. It’s interesting to see that the episode starts with Enid and then have her act strangely during the attacks. Coincidence?

When Carl convinces her to stay, then turns his back on Enid, did anyone think she was going to stab him? So, maybe they are setting her up to look like a Wolf mole, but she did end up leaving conveniently when the rest of the pack did. Hmmmm…..

Whew, that was an intense episode!

Other Tidbits

  • Was Morgan leaving Alexandria? He had his lunch packed and headed to the gate.
  • We know the Alexandrian’s are completely unprepared for this world, but can they be saved when they continue to be cowards like Spencer and Deanna were? They better figure it out soon, because the zombie parade is coming!
  • I enjoyed getting to know a little more of the Alexandrian’s like Denise, Olivia and Heath. Do you hope they stick around?
  • Is Judith okay? Why didn’t they show us the screen of the baby monitor?
  • Who’s more at fault for the Wolves attacking: Aaron for leaving his backpack with blueprints of Alexandria, or Morgan for not killing the leader when he had a chance?

Best Lines

“It hams my biscuits,” – Eugene

“We need to get in there. Are you coming? (Spencer shakes his head) “Hide!” – Morgan

“We’re freeing you. You need to know people don’t belong here anymore.” – A Wolf

“All I was going to say was, make sure you get her brain” – Tara

“What happened today, is that what it’s like out there? How do you…how do you just live, knowing that is the world?” – Spencer

“Make sure you got something to die for.” – Rosita

Have a great week! I leave you with some Walking Dead behind the scenes and sneak peeks.


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