The Walking Dead: Those who arrive, survive….possibly in someone’s belly?


Does Terminus give you the heebie jeebies? Re-watching the back half episodes of The Walking Dead, gave me reason to theorize what might happen in the finale. Most of the internet is buzzing around Terminus being some cannibalistic mad house versus a sanctuary.

I have a feeling their tagline wasn’t quite fleshed out, “those who arrive, survive,” cough, “in my belly”.

Could the funeral home Daryl and Beth stumbled upon a couple episodes ago, be a bait house for Mary and her creepy followers? Are we going to find that Beth is what’s being served to Maggie, Glen, and the rest of the clan? Well, I surely hope not. This show can be dark and unsettling, but I think we’ll have a better outcome for Beth, live or die. I for one really hope Beth survives, she’s become a character I really do enjoy seeing on screen. I think she offers youth, venerability, and well, lets face it, she makes Daryl laugh, which I can see over, and over again – are you with me ladies?

What about Glen and Maggie? Most of the people in my office think the burning of Maggie’s picture was a foreshadowing of her, or his ill fate. I also heard someone say, that it would be too dark to reunite the couple just to tear them apart in the season finale. I have to agree, seems too easy to go that direction. I think The Walking Dead will make us tear up in different ways. And I do believe there will be tears this Sunday.

Now, Rick worries me. We’ve only seen Rick for two out of the seven aired episodes. Could they possibly be phasing him out so we get used to his absence? I admit, I was one of those that said, “sure, Rick hasn’t offered much,” but that doesn’t mean I want him off the show. Rick is still the leader of this broken group.

Who would take his place? Though Daryl may have all the charisma and fan love, he has too much ‘shrugging’ in his demeanor to be a leader. I know they have been trying to show Glen as a leader, but this last episode showed me he’s still a little careless with people’s lives, poor hobbling Tara. Plus, it is Glen who’s leading them to some certain mad house, or so I think! The show has made domesticated Glen just a tad boring for me, and haven’t seen that leadership come to fruition to be the next Rick.

Then there’s Carl. You either love him or hate him. I think he’ll add a really cool dynamic and interesting carelessness to the show in upcoming seasons, but he’s still too young. The pudding episode showed too much immaturity, and he still doesn’t understand what a true leader should be. He still has to learn not to be selfish.

So, what will Rick’s fate be? Rick is still the show in my book. You can write him boring, you can write him psycho, but you don’t get rid of him yet. The man has killed his best friend, he has witnessed his son kill his own mother, and for all he knows his child is in some walkers belly. The man has gone through some sh*t. So, I say Walking Dead, don’t you dare touch a pretty hair on Rick’s head. Because among all the crap you’ve thrown at him, he offers the moral ground that we don’t have any longer, now that Dale and Herschel are gone.

Who do you think will survive these weekend’s finale? Those that do survive, will they go on Abraham’s road trip to D.C.?

We are just three days away from the Season 4 finale of The Walking Dead. Thank our lucky stars that Game of Thrones will start the following Sunday, April 6th! Because, I have a feeling we are going to be in for a rough wait.

In Robert Kirkman’s words to, “The anticipation for the next season after this finale is unfortunately going to be a lot more heightened than it has been between any other season. So it’s going to be a rough summer for Walking Dead fans waiting for us to come back in the fall.”

Love me some TV,

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2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Those who arrive, survive….possibly in someone’s belly?

  1. Ok my theory is that no one will die in the last episode. I feel like everyone will be reunited, happy, thinking they are living in a legit place… Only to see at the end of the show that there is doom ahead, leaving the fans in limbo till next season. Terminus is bad is all I know. And Rick won’t die, my husband read the comics. And Darrell who isn’t in the comics better not die bc he’s awesome. Till then I’ll watch game of thrones too 🙂 good theories!

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