Truths In Self Help The Walking Dead 505

Truths In Self Help The Walking Dead 505 - Tv Recap

Eugene, Eugene, Eugene. In Sunday night’s episode, “Self Help” we finally get the answers behind Eugene’s story and mission. Plus, what is up with Abraham? Let’s break this week’s episode down with our favorite moments.

Abraham’s Past Revealed
Before we get into Eugene’s reveal, lets talk about the unraveling of Abraham’s demeanor and control. In the opening scenes of “Self Help,” Abraham is beating up a man with a can of whoop ass. He heads back to his family who are distraught by his appearance and disgusted by his actions. In another flashback his wife takes the kids and leaves a note for him not to come after them.

The flashbacks are intertwined during the episode as Abraham pushes the group to their limitations. Time after time, the group miraculously gets out alive – from a herd of walkers after the bus crash, to finding a library that hasn’t been ransacked, to finding a fire truck full of clean water. Yet, even though all signs point to recouping and staying put until they get more supplies, Abraham stubbornly wants to continue.

In the final flashback of the night, Abraham is kneeling down next to his dead wife and children eaten by Walkers, puts a gun to his mouth when he hears, “help!” It’s Eugene. Abraham saves him and Eugene says he’s a scientist and has a mission. Sold! Abraham has a purpose.

There was one major issue I had with this episode, why would Abraham’s wife leave the safety of shelter with her small children? Yes, Abraham scared them, but he was able to defend them against at least five men. What would possess her to leave his side when the World’s gone to hell? Did you find this unbelievable?

What about the changes of Abraham from season four to five? Was he starting to see through Eugene’s facade and wanted to press on because he didn’t want reality to catch up to him? In season four, Abraham wanted ‘safety in numbers’ to head to Washington and then all of sudden in season 5 he wants to get away from Rick even though they got rid of the threat being the terminates? Did you think that Abraham’s unraveling was not developed correctly? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Eugene Revealed
The episode was building up to this moment, the big reveal though we didn’t know it while watching it. For those of you who had suspicions that Eugene was hiding something you got your vindication this week. I guess his continued saying, “That’s classified” wasn’t going to hold for much longer anyway. But as we know, and admitted by Eugene himself, he’s called himself a coward. And, when his life is in peril, might as well come clean.

Abraham has completely lost his freaking mind by this point of the episode. He demands that they head through the worst zombie infested area The Walking Dead has shown, or at least smelling from their reactions, and well maybe besides the college campus from last season too. No way is anyone going through that and definitely not Eugene, “I’m not a scientist! I lied,” he screams.

In a very TWD maneuver, Abraham ends up exactly as he started in the episode – despair, mission failed and hopeless. Abraham kicks the living crap out of Eugene, walks away and kneels down in the middle of the road and losses himself.

What will become of our Abe group? Will they continue on the road to DC? Will they try to reunite with Rick and Co?

Other Tidbits

  • The scene where Eugene spits on the dead female Walker was, in theory, his first zombie kill. He talks about it on the Talking Dead. By the way, Talking Dead was way better this week!
  • Sex in the apocalypse equals no privacy. And, of course there’s possibility of a slightly creepy genius lurking around the corner. Back sheets people!
  • What is dolphin smooth anyways?
  • Would you drink toilet water?
  • Mullet talk seems like a great pastime in the zombie world.
  • Did Eugene survive Abraham’s smack down? Eugene 0, pavement 1!
  • Anyone else sick of the AMC/DirecTV feud?
  • If you are like me and want to hear more about the episode listen to The Walking Dead ‘Cast with Jason and Karen [podcast available via iTunes]. They have really good insight on each episode.

Until next week!
Daryl and Carol….can’t wait.


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One thought on “Truths In Self Help The Walking Dead 505

  1. I LOVE this re-cap!! I am obsessed with WD and really enjoying these, breaking down the episodes. However one thing that is really bothering me is the disgusted attitude that Abe’s family showed right after he beat the shit out of those men! When living in some post apocalyptic world that they are living in, I’d sure as hell would want my hubby or protector to beat up people to protect me and my child!. Just like when Maggie and Glenn were all surprised and shocked when Rick chopped up the Terminus guy with that sword ( or machete or whatever it was) . Geez people get over it!!
    And yep! I probably would learn to drink toilet water in that world. :-/

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