You Got Mail Remembering Early Internet Days

You Got Mail.

Remember how these three little words changed our lives? It was such a revolutionary idea that you could get mail in an instant! You couldn’t be there all the time, but this thing called the internet opened up a whole new world. They even made a movie called You’ve Got Mail with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. I’m dating myself, but man were those days awesome.

Chris Hardwick’s from the Nerdist site just released an awesome video on YouTube of their earliest internet memories. Since its throwback Thursday what better way to celebrate then to share this video with you.

My Earliest Internet Memory

My earliest internet memory was getting a free American Online CD with 500 hours of free internet. WHAAAAT! You’d wait, and wait, and wait to what seemed like 10 minutes hearing that ‘dial-up’ sound. Then you’d get connected and the computer would tell you, “You Got Mail”. Holy Cow was that the most exciting thing ever! My first screen name was ucsbsurfergirl.

What was your earliest internet memory? Remember your screen name? Share in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “You Got Mail Remembering Early Internet Days

  1. Awesome throwback! Do you remember how crappy the search engines were?? Some random kid in Boston could load up his site meta data with the entire encyclopedia and come up number one when I’m looking for “local coffee shops”. My first experience with email was my college account. I remember coming back for spring break and it was my first experience with a digital divide: the kids who went off to college had email and those who didn’t go to college, didn’t.

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